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Our story

In 2018, a group of Des Moines poets wanted to go deeper with their poetry and learn more about presenting their writing to a reader. They saw a need for a space to bring their poems for critique. 


The group decided to get together regularly to share their feedback and to help one another grow as poets. The group met once a month for over 2 years.


In March 2020, we went virtual with the world and continued on as best we could. By October 2020, the group decided to take a rest.

In December 2021, a small group decided to test-run getting the workshop back together. After a year of testing and gauging interest from the community, we happily announced the return of our workshop in a more public way. 

Now, we're back stronger than ever and ready to welcome more and more local poets searching for the same thing we set out for in the first place:

A safe, welcoming place to critique and create together. 

Who's behind DMPW?

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